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Film Student

Script Consulting

I will read your script and note any grammar/formatting issues as well as give you an honest opinion of your script.

Video Camera

Script Rewrite

Do you have a completed script you aren't happy with? I can help.


I can add clarity and detail, clean up dialogue, and get your script submission or shoot ready!

Dictating Your Script

As a producer and film programmer, I've seen lots of great ideas fall into the pit of "should" and "would". Don't let yours be one of them.


 Dictate your script as an audio file and I will write it and format it for you.

Filming Location

Reformatting Your Script

Writing a script is nerve wracking and formatting it correctly is complicated. Let me take some of that burden from you.


I can take your script and turn it into a Final Draft file for you to use for submissions and shooting.

Writing a Sticky Note


Delwyn, Screenwriter

Amazing writer!!!! She helped me complete a script that had holes I didn't even know were there. The format is spectacular. Book her immediately before there is a line!! Seriously A++++

Trarina, Filmmaker

Where do I start this experience was nothing short of amazing. I am a writer, director and producer. I have little time edit my writing and the help she provided from editing and adding to my script. Wow wow and wow... I absolutely LOVE HER WORK. This is a partnership I am not willing to lose.

Joern, Screenwriter

What a great analysis of my story - I got very, very helpful comments for my script and finally an idea of ​​how I should continue to work. Far more than you can expect and I'm so happy to have found this gig.

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